Dr. CHAN Kam Tong Programme Director

Background: Ph.D. (Brunel University, U.K.).

Specialty and Research Interests: Non-profit organizations, organizational monitoring and governance, strategic management, and social enterprises.

Email: nc.ude.ciu@nahcgnotmak

Tel: 0756-3620 484       Office: T2-601-R4





Prof. WONG Hong-Chung, Johnston  Professor & Chief of Student Affairs

Background: B.A in Sociology (Brock University, Canada), Master of Social Work (CUHK), EQ Coach.

Specialty and Research Interests: Disaster Social Work, Medical Social Work, Social Work in Healthcare, Youth services, Social Work in Enterprises, Social Work and Laws in China.


Tel: 0756-3620 504      Office: T2-602-R5





Prof. ASPALTER, Christian   Professor

Background:  Master of Economic and Social Sciences (University of Linz, Austria), Doctor of Economic and Social Sciences (University of Linz, Austria).

Specialty and Research Interests: Chinese Social Policy, Comparative Social Policy, Social Security Policy and Reform, Health Care Policy, Social Policy Theory, Politics of Social Policy, Family Policy, Social Development Policy.

Email: nc.ude.ciu@naitsirhc

Tel: 0756-3620 502     Office: T2-602-R4





Dr. TANG Mei-Kit, Maggie  Associate Professor

Background:  Master Degree in Social Work (University of Alabama, USA), Ph.D. in Social Work Program(University of Alabama, USA). Registered Social Worker (HK).

Specialty and Research Interests: Gerontology, Family issues among ethnic and racial monorities, End-of-life Care.

Email: nc.ude.ciu@gnateiggam

Tel: 0756-3620 522    Office: T2-502-R19





Dr. LEE Kar Mut, Carmel   Assistant Professor, Coordinator of VSDC / WPEO, Fieldwork Supervisor

Background:  Bachelor of Social Science (HKU), Master of Arts of Social Science (HKU), Ph.D. in Social Work Program(HKU). Registered Social Worker (HK).

Specialty and Research Interests: Long-term care, social service management, project evaluation and management.

Email: nc.ude.ciu@kmlc

Tel: 0756-3620 213    Office: T2-502-R17



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Dr. LEUNG Tong Lit, Charles 
Assistant Professor, Fieldwork Supervisor

Background:  Ph.D. in Social Work (HKPolyU), M.A. in Human Services Information Systems Development (CityU), B.Soc.Sci. in Social Work (CUHK), Accredited Mediator (HKMC), Certified Social Work Supervisor (HKSWA), Enrolled Social Work Supervisor (GZ), Project Management Trainer (PMRC & IPMP), Registered Social Worker (HK), State-Certified Corporate Trainer (PRC).

Specialty and Research Interests:  Community Operational Research & Systems Thinking, Conflict Resolution, Development of Social Work Services, Indigenous and Reflective Cross-Cultural Social Work Practice in Mainland China, Practice Research, Program and Project Management (including planning, monitoring, and evaluation) in the social development sector.

Email: nc.ude.ciu@gnuelltselrahc

Tel: 0756-3620 503     Office: T2-502-R18




Dr. CHAN Kwok Luen, Adam  
Assistant Professor, Fieldwork Supervisor

Background:  DSW (HK PolyU), Master of Arts (Family-Centred Social Work) (HK PolyU), Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Social Work (HK PolyU). Registered Social Worker (HK), Group Crisis Intervention, Mental Health First Aid Certificate, Certified Gambling Counsellor, Certificate & Advanced Certificate In AFA, Elementary & Advanced Mountain Craft Training Certificate, Elementary Mountain Leader Training (Level 1).

Specialty and Research Interests:  Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Addiction (Gambling, Drug and Online), School Social Work Service (especially on SEN), Family and Children, Volunteer Training and Management and Youth Service.

Email: nc.ude.ciu@nahclkmada

Tel: 0756-3620 588     Office: T2-401-R3




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Ms. WANG, Shuping Sabrina   Instructor, Fieldwork Supervisor

Background:  B.A in Social Work and Social Administration (BUN-HKBU UIC), M.A in Childhood Studies (University of Edinburgh, U.K)..

Specialty and Research Interests: Social Work with Youth, School Social Work, Children's Right and Development.

Email: nc.ude.ciu@gnawanirbas

Tel: 0756-3620 982    Office: T2-502-R13




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Mr. TAN, Ling Scott   Instructor, Fieldwork Supervisor

Background:  B.A in Social Work and Social Administration (BUN-HKBU UIC), Master of Social Work (HKBU).

Specialty and Research Interests:  Social Work with Youth, Social Work with Family, Social Work with old people, Group Social Work.

Email: nc.ude.ciu@natttocs

Tel: 0756-3620 137    Office: T2-502-R14