This is a full-time programme leading to the degree of Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (Honours). Students are required to complete 132 uniits within the curriculum structure as follows:

Curriculum StructureUnits
Major Required Courses 57
Major Elective Courses① 12
General Education Core (GEC) Courses 32
General Education Distribution (GED) Courses 12
Free Elective Courses② 15
Whole-Person Education Experiential (WPEX) Modules 4

Major Required Courses 

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
SWSA1003 Introduction to Social Work 社会工作学导论 3
SWSA1013 Introduction to Social Welfare 社会福利学导论 3
SWSA2003 Social Work Skills 社会工作技巧 3
SWSA2013 Social Work Intervention and Processes 社会工作介入与过程 3
SWSA2023 Human Development 人类发展 3
SWSA2033 Theory and Practice in Social Work (Individual) 社会工作理论与实践 (个人) 3
SWSA3003 Theory and Practice in Social Work (Group) 社会工作理论与实践(团体) 3
SWSA3023 Social Work and Law 社会工作与法律 3
SWSA3033 Social Policy 社会政策 3
SWSA3073 Human Behaviour and Social Environment 人类行为与社会环境 3
SWSA3083 Social Work Research 社会工作研究 3
SWSA3093 Theory and Practice in Social Work (Community) 社会工作理论与实践 (社区) 3
SWSA3143 Social Planning and Development 社会规划与发展 3
SWSA3103 Field Practice I 实习I 4
SWSA3123 Integrative Seminar I 综合研习I 2
SWSA4133 Integrative Seminar II 综合研习II 1
SWSA4083 Human Service Management 人本服务管理 3
SWSA4093 Final Year Project (SWSA) 毕业论文 3
SWSA4103 Field Practice II 实习II 5

Major Elective Courses  

Students majoring in Social Work and Social Administration are required to take 12 units (i.e., 4 courses) of major electives which should include at least 6 units from the Social Work Stream.  

Social Work (not less than 6 units)

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
SWSA3043 Social Work with Older People 长者社会工作 3
SWSA3113 End-of-life Care 宁养服务 3
SWSA3113 Migrant Workers in China 中国流动劳工问题 3
SWSA4003 Social Work with Youth 青少年社会工作 3
SWSA4043 Residential Care and Services 院舍照顾与服务 3
SWSA4053 Social Work with Families 家庭社会工作 3
SWSA4073 Rehabilitation Service and Social Work 康复社会工作 3
SWSA4123 Drug Abuse and Social Work 药物滥用与社会工作 3
SWSA4143 Mental Health and Social Work 精神健康与社会工作 3
SWSA4113 Disasters and Social Work 灾难与社会工作 3
SWSA4153 Occupational Social Work 职业社会工作 3
SWSA4163 Social Work in Health Care 健康社工服务 3

 Social Policy/Administration

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
SWSA2043 Social Problems 社会问题 3
SWSA2053 Sociology and Chinese Society 社会学与华人社会 3
SWSA3013 Social Welfare in Asia 亚洲社会福利 3
SWSA4013 Social Security Systems in Asia 亚洲社会保障制度 3
SWSA4023 Old-Age Security in Aging Societies 老龄化社会之社会保障 3
SWSA4033 Health and Long-Term Care in Aging Societies 老龄化社会的健康与长期照顾 3
SWSA4063 Topics in Social Policy and Social Administration 社会政策与行政议题研习 3
SWSA3063 Social Welfare in Chinese Societies 华人社会之社会福利学 3

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