Assistant Professor
Programme of Public Relations and Advertising

Office: T2-501-R3
Tel: (756) 3620529
Email: nc.ude.ciu@kraphpesoj

                        PRA Dr. Joseph Joosuk Park             
Academic & Professional Qualifications

Ph.D. in Communication and Information Science, University of Tennessee, 2012. •Concentration: Public relations (Minor: Statistics)

M.A. in Communications, University of Tennessee, 2002. • Concentration: Public relations

 Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed journals

• Cho, Y., & Park, J. (2014). A study of consumer emotion on mobile/smart devices: Utility of emotional responses in evaluative space. The Korean Ad & PR practitioners’ Society, May.

• Park, S., Park, J., & Cho, H. (2013). Understanding the element of public service (academic library) brand image: Based on key branding concepts. KSLIS (Korean Society for Library and Information Science), Aug., 1.

Park, J., Park, S., & Cho, H. (2013). Developing a measurement scale to measure library service image and evaluation for as public service – image diagnostics for community service. KSLIS, Nov., 1.

• White, C. & Park, J. (2010). Public perception of public relations. Public Relations Review, 36, 319-324.

Other publications

• Tenopir, C., Love, A., Park, J., Wu, L., Baer, A. & Mays, R. (2010). The University Investment, Phase II: An Internal study of the Library’s Value to the Grant Process. Library Connect White Paper.

Conference Proceedings

Park, J., Hu, F., & Xiang, Xi. (May, 2017). Understanding public trust perception towards government-dominant public service. Chinese Police Conference in Guangzhou.

Park, J. & White, C. (March, 2013). Mapping and measuring the dimension of trust: Scale development to measure trust in organizations. ICA.

Courses Taught

Graduate level

• Public relations theories
• Organizational communication
• Communication theories and new media
•  Brand communication
•  Strategic Communication Research

 Under-graduate level

•  Public relations campaign
•  Principles of public relations
•  Introduction to PR
•  Introduction to statistics for social science
•  Introduction to communication
•  Image management and promotions
•  Communication Research