Assistant Professor, FYP Convenor
Programme of Social Work and Social Administration

Office: T2-502-R18
Tel: (756) 3620503
Email: nc.ude.ciu@gnuelltselrahc


                                     SWSA Prof. Charles Tong Lit LEUNG 
Academic & Professional Qualifications
  • Ph.D. Social Work (PolyU, HK)
  • M.A. Information Systems Development (CityU, HK)
  • B.Soc. Sci. (CUHK; Major in Social Work, Minor in Religious Studies)
  • Registered Social Worker (HK); Certified Social Work Supervisor (HKSWA)
  • General Mediator (HKMAAL); International Accredited Professional Mediator (MHJMC);
    Panels of Non-Resident Mediators (JIMC-Kyoto)
  • IPMP Trainer (PMRC & IPMA); PMD PRO Level 1 (PM4NGOS)
Research Interests
  • Social Work knowledge utilization in developing countries / regions (e.g. Mainland China)
  • Social administration, including supervision, project / programme management and evaluation
  • Social policies across borders (e.g. GHM Greater Bay Area)
  • Conflict resolution and mediation practice
  • Youth studies
Selected Research Project / Grants
  • 2019-2021, Leung, C.T.L., Principal Investigator, “The Knowledge Transfer and Utilization in Social Work & Social Administration: A Participatory Action Research on the Chinese Version of PMD PRO,” UIC Research Grant (RMB 46,000).
  • 2018, Leung, C.T.L., Chief Editor, “Chinese version of the guide to the PMD Pro (1.7)” A translation project with PM4NGOs.
  • 2017-2018, Leung, C.T.L., Principal Investigator, “A reflection on teaching indigenous social work and social administration with global perspective: An exploratory study at UIC,” UIC Research Grant (RMB 16,000).
  • 2019-2020, Leung, C.T.L., Co-Investigator, “Participatory action research on understanding poverty phenomena on the children in Macao,” Funded by Macao Caritas (MOP 100,000).
  • 2013-2014, Leung, C.T.L., Co-Investigator, “Evaluative study of the effectiveness of social work supervision in Zhongshan,” Funded by the Civil Affairs Bureau in Zhongshan (RMB 80,000).
Selected Publications
  • 2020 (forthcoming), Ng, A.K.T.; Leung, C.T.L. and Tsui, M.S., Social work supervision in Hong Kong. Routledge International Handbook of Social Work Supervision. London; New York: Routledge.
  • 2020 (forthcoming), Ng, A.K.T.; Leung, C.T.L. and Tsui, M.S., Supervisors reflection on the supervision alliance. Routledge International Handbook of Social Work Supervision. London; New York: Routledge.
  • 2019, Leung, C.T.L., A systematic review of the literature related to project management in the field of philanthropy and social work: 1970’s - 2010’s. The Forum on Development and Innovation of Social Work in the New Age, Nanchang. [In Chinese]
  • 2019, Leung, C.T.L., Conflict management under international and cross-cultural contexts: Opportunities in the Belt and Road Initiative. In N. Islam (Ed.), Silk road to Belt road: Reinventing the past and shaping the future, pp. 147-158. Springer.
  • 2019 (forthcoming), Xiang Y. and Leung, C.T.L., Research on developing information systems of social service projects - a case study in Zhuhai. Social Work and Management. Guangdong: Guangdong University of Technology. [In Chinese]
  • 2019, Mo, Y.H.; Leung, C.T.L. and Tsui, M.S., Chaos in order: The evolution of social work supervision practice in the Chinese Mainland. The Clinical Supervisor, DOI: 10.1080/07325223.2019.1610681
  • 2018, Leung, C.T.L., A model of knowledge utilization in Social Work: Proposal based on the practice in Mainland China. International Symposium on Place-Based Social Work, Guangzhou.
  • 2018, Leung, C.T.L. et al. (Ed.), PMD Pro - Chinese (version 1.7). https://www.pm4ngos.org/pmdpro-chinese/
  • 2018, Leung, C.T.L. and Ng, Y.F., A Reflection on Teaching Indigenous Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA) with Global Perspective: An Exploratory Study. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/327592312_A_Reflection_on_Teaching_Indigenous_Social_Work_and_Social_Administration_SWSA_with_Global_Perspective_An_Exploratory_Study
  • 2018, Leung, C.T.L. and Shek, D.T.L., Indigenization of social work practice - a case study research of positive youth development program at a secondary school in Guangzhou. Tsinghua Social Work Review, 2018(10), 50-59. [In Chinese]
  • 2018, Leung, C.T.L. and Xiang, Y., The social work perspective of minors' Internet addiction and their treatment. Society and Public Welfare, 2018 (1). [In Chinese]
  • 2014, Leung, C.T.L., Systemic approach for change agent – a negotiated evaluation framework for the social development in China. Proceedings of the 58th meeting of ISSS, Washington DC, USA.
  • 2013, Leung, C.T.L., The time before dawnthe discursive nature of school social work development in China. In W. H. Chui (Ed.), School social work: Current practice and research. New York: Nova.
  • 2010, Leung, C.T.L., Triple restriction to the sustainable development of social work in China. Social Work, 13, 21-22. [In Chinese]
Courses Taught
  • Government & Society
  • Social Welfare in Chinese Societies
  • Social Work Research
  • Social Work with Youth
  • Theory and Practice in Social Work (Group)
  • Project Design, Monitoring, and Impact Assessment (forthcoming)