Associate Professor, Programme Director
Programme of Social Work and Social Administration

Office: T2-601-R4
Tel: (756) 3620484


                                       SWSA Dr. Kam tong CHAN
Academic & Professional Qualifications
  • PhD in Social Administration, Brunel University London, UK
  • Diploma in Business Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Master of Public Administration, University of Hong Kong
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Registered Social Worker (RSW)
  • 10 Outstanding Social Work Professional 2012 awarded by the national Ministry of Civil Affairs
Academic Interests
  •  Non-profit Organization, Social Service Administration
  • Social Enterprises and social innovation
Selected Research Project / Grants
  •  Research Project on Enabling Context and Policy for Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong (HK$ 427,280), funded by Research Grant Council, Hong Kong Government
  •  Consultancy Study on the Lump Sum Grant Best Practice Manual (HK$ 1,400,000) commissioned by the Social Welfare Department of the HKSASR Government.
  • Commissioned Study on Social Work Intervention in the Sichuan Earthquake Disaster (RMB 10,000) commissioned by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC.
  • Comparative Study of Social Enterprises in East Asia, collaborative research project with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong research team (funded by the Yonsei University, South Korea)
Selected Publications
  • く社會企業: 台湾與香港的比較>官有垣等合著, 台灣, 巨流, 354 pp (2013)
  • く社會企業的治理: 台湾與香港的比較>官有垣等合著, 台灣, 巨流, 363 pp (2016)
  • く社會企業的社會影响: 台湾與香港的案例>官有垣等合著, 台灣, 巨流, 335 pp (2019)
  • く第三部門評估與責信>. 陳錦棠, 官有垣, 陸宛蘋1st Ed. 北京大學出版社, 北京, 352pp (2008)
  • く社會工作督導> 台灣, 巨流 173 pp (2013)
Courses Taught
  • Management in Human Services
  • Social Policy
  • Social Planning and Development
  • Introduction to Social Welfare