Professor of Social Work and Social Administration Programme
Chief Student Affairs Officer

Office: T2-602-R5
Tel: (756) 3620504
Email: nc.ude.ciu@gnauhnotsnhoj


                                     SWSA Prof. Johnston Wong
Academic & Professional Qualifications
  • BA(Sociology)
  • CCISM (Certification in Critical Incident Stress Management) Emergency Health Services, UMBC
  • CISM Instructor (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation)
  • International Crisis Intervention Leader (ICISF)
  • EQ Instructor, Six Seconds Organization
Academic Interests
  • Disaster Social Work
  • Healthcare Social Work
  • Law and Social Work
Selected Research Project / Grants
  • 2018-19, Graduate Attributes Studies, RO, UIC;
  • 2018-19, Facilitation of Learning with Mobile Devices among students, RO, UIC;
  • 2018-19, Professional Standards for Social Work Services with Drug Abusers, Guangdong Provincial Social Workers Association;
  • 2017-18, 13th 5 Years Healthcare Plan (Zhuhai Healthcare Into 2020), Zhuhai Hygiene and Health Department;
  • 2016-19, Social Indicators Studies in GD-HK-MO Greater Bay Area, Research Office, UIC;
  • 2014-16, Seamless and Integrated Service System for Older People in Zhuhai, Zhuhai, Civil Affairs Department;
Selected Publications

Books and chapters:

Wong,H. C. J. and Fung, S.L.(2018)Cultural Contestations and Social Integration: What  Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Can Learn  from the Experiences of Malaysia and Singapore? In Islam, N. (ed.) Belt Road to Silk Road Reinventing the Past and Shaping the Future, , 159-174. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore Pte Limited.

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Courses Taught
  • Management, Society and Life
  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Government and Society
  • Social Work Skills
  • Social Group Work
  • Law for Social Workers
  • Human Services Management
  • Disaster Social Work
  • Healthcare Social Work