Assistant Professor
Centre of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Office: T2-401-R5
Tel: (756)  3620418
Email: nc.ude.ciu@mikmura

                                                CFLC Dr. Arum Kim 
Academic & Professional Qualifications
  • Ph.D. Korean Language and Culture (Kyung-Hee University, South Korea)
  • M.A. Linguistic and Applied Linguistic (Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China)
  • B.A. Chinese Language and Literature (Sung-shin Women’s University, South Korea )
Academic Interests
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Flipped classroom  
  • Pragmatics (speech acts)
  • Learner variables (cognitive and psychological)
  • World English, English as a lingua Franca
Selected Research Project / Grants
  • [2021] 'Distribution of Resources for Korean Studies', Grant for Korean Foundation, South Korea (KRW 2,000,000)
  • [2020-2021] Incorporating L2 Academic Stance into an ESL Writing Course: The Effect of Teacher Feedback and Collaborative Learning Activities, United International College Research Grant, UIC. China. (CNY 18,500)
  • [2020] 'Distribution of Resources for Korean Studies', Grant for Korean Foundation, South Korea (KRW 2,000,000)
  • [2020] Towards One Asia Community with Cultural Diversity, Grant for Universities Opening a Course on Asian Community, One Asia Foundation, Japan (CNY 206,000)
  • [2019 – 2020] The Effect of Attitudes on Behavior Intention in Using English as a Lingua Franca: A Comparative Study between English-Medium Instruction (EMI) Universities and Non-EMI Ones in China, United International College Research Grant, UIC. China. (CNY 20,000)


 Selected Peer-reviewed Publications
  • [2020] Arum KIM, A Study on the Status Quo and Perception of Mobile Learning by Korean Language Learners in Chinese Universities. Bilingual Research, Volume 81, pp 35-57, Seoul, South Korea  https://doi.org/10.17296/korbil.2020..81.35 
  • [2020] Seongyong LEE, Arum KIM, Experiences and practices of English as a lingua franca communication in the international university: An integrative view of student voices, Applied Linguistic Review, Published online: 02 Dec 2020 https://doi.org/10.1515/applirev-2020-0072
  • [2020] Arum KIM, "The Effects of Flipped Learning on Korean Language Learners’ Academic Performance. Journal of Korean Language Education, Volume 31, Issue 3, pp 77-98, Seoul, South Korea http://dx.doi.org/10.18209/iakle.2020.31.3.77
  • [2019] Seongyong LEE and Arum KIM, “Korean Pre-Service English Teachers’ Attitudes toward English as an Academic Lingua Franca”, Journal of Education, Volume 2(2), pp 27-42, Seoul, South Korea  http://dx.doi.org/10.25020/JoE.2019.2.2.27
  • [2016] Arum Kim, Young-joo Kim, Chinese Korean L2 learners’ pragmatic competence development – Focusing on   request and denial speech act-, Bilingual Research, Volume 65, pp 1-29, Seoul, South Korea  https://doi.org/10.17296/korbil.2016..65.1
  • [2014] Arum Kim, Awareness of Grammatical and Pragmatic Errors of Korean Learners. The Association of Korean Education, Volume 100, pp 143-173, Seoul, South Korea https://doi.org/10.15734/koed..100.201409.143
  • [2013] Arum Kim, Young-joo Kim, Sun-young Lee, Korean Acquisition and Learner Variables of Chinese Background Migrant Adolescents. The Association of Korean Education, Volume 194, pp 469-498, Seoul, South Korea https://doi.org/10.15734/koed..94.201303.469
  • [2013] Young-joo Kim, Arum Kim, Yoon-seok Ko, So-hyun Kim, A study on the Development of Acceptability Judgement Test Measuring Korean Pragmatic Ability. Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language, Volume 37, pp 41-64, Seoul, South Korea
  • [2012] Young-joo Kim, Yoon-seok Ko, Arum Kim, So-hyun Kim, A Predictable Variables of Korean Acquisition of Migrant Youth in Korea: Focusing on the North Korean - Refugee Youth and Multicultural Migrant Youth. Journal of Korean Language Education, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 31-64 South Korea https://doi.org/10.18209/iakle.2012.23.4.31
  • [2012] Young-joo Kim, Sun-young Lee, Jun-o Baik, Sun-jin Lee, Arum Kim, American Learners’ Korean Language acquisition and their cognitive and psychological constraints. Bilingual Research, Volume 49, pp 58-86, Seoul, South Korea http://dx.doi.org/10.17296/korbil.2012..49.59
 Selected Peer-reviewed Conference Presentations
  • [2020, March] Seongyong LEE and Arum KIM, Modeling attitudes and behaviors regarding using English as a lingua franca in a non-English context. Paper accepted at the 2020 American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference, Denver, USA.
  • [2019, November] Seongyong LEE and Arum KIM, Attitudes and behaviours regarding the use of English as a lingua franca at an English-Medium instruction university in China. Paper accepted at the Applied Linguistics Conference 2019, Perth, Australia.
  • [2019, September] Arum KIM and Seongyong LEE, Perceptions of using English for intercultural communication in higher education., Paper presented at the 2019 Applied Linguistics Association of Korea Conference (ALAK), Seoul, South Korea.
  • [2019, May] Arum KIM, Influence of flipped classroom model on Korean language learners’ achievement -focused on beginner level-, Paper presented at the 23th International Conference on ISO & TQM, UIC, China.
  • [2019, February] Arum KIM, Effects of flipped learning on Korean language learners’ achievement, Paper presented at The 20th International Conference on Bilingual Education, NTU, Singapore.
  • [2018, December] Arum KIM, 网络韩语教学适用案例, Paper presented at The 8th International Conference on Korea study, Zhuhai, China.
  • [2014, April] Arum KIM, Awareness of Grammatical and Pragmatic Errors of Korean Learners – Focused on refusal speech act, Paper presented at 2014 The Association of Korean Education Society Conference, South Korea.
Courses Taught
  • Korean Language programs (Korean1, Korean 2, Korean 3)
  • Korean Culture