Vice President of Ogilvy Public Relations, Guangzhou, Ms Frangelica Liang, explained her understanding of brand communication in her lecture “The New Era of Brand Stewardship” at UIC on 24 October.

news-20131024_PRA.jpgMs Frangelica Liang at the lecture

Ogilvy Public Relations is a global public relations agency. Ms Liang began with an introduction of Ogilvy and its “360 degree brand stewardship”.

“Think about the value of a client. Do you sell products and services for instant profit, or for a continuous relationship? Think about your investment mode. What a public relation company should do is to make the right decision for their clients,” she said.

What is a brand? “A Brand is a product plus added value.” She further explained that added value comes from the understanding of product settings and the target audience. Brand stewardship requires people who deal with public relations to dig out the deepest values of clients’ products, and make them become the target audience’s preference.

Ms Liang encouraged UIC students to ponder about the essence of one thing. “Think of why you do it, rather than only know what you do and how to do it. This law applies to business, study and all other fields.”

She also talked about her career and gave students advice on career planning. “No matter what you do in the future, make sure you are happy before you are healthy.”

Reporter: Liu Yiyu

Photographer: Vivi Xie

Editor: Deen He

(from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)