Year 4 students from the Public Relations and Advertising Programme presented their ideas for promoting the Centre for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) of UIC on 12 December.

The students worked on four target groups: executives, primary schools, middle schools and adults. In a 20-minute presentation, they showed self-made videos, audio messages, brochures, web pages and other forms of promotion; all within a certain budget.

Student Lin Han from the executives target group said: “We’ve designed a logo, advertising pages for a magazine, a video clip and a poster. The ideas come from our daily experiences.”


A student is awarded by Director of CAPS Mr Michael Ching

Director of CAPS Mr Michael Ching said: “This is a real advertising job. Students have provided great ideas. I think they’ve already reached a certain professional level. I’m sure they will have a bright future.”



Reporter: Liu Yiyu

Photographer: Chen Gong

Editor: Deen He

(from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)