Autumn is the season of the harvest. In recognition of DHSS students’ outstanding achievements, the Recognition Ceremony was held on 29th October, 2014 at UIC Gallery. Meanwhile, posters and videos of awarded students’ accomplishments were also displayed at the Recognition Ceremony. Among 17 awarded students, we are proud to share with you that nearly one-third of them are students from our PRA Programme.


Programme Director of PRA Dr. Fan (second from left), Senior Lecturer Mr. Cody (first from left), Lecturer Ms. Clare (third from left) and all PRA awarded students celebrate the joyful moment

Prior to the start of the Recognition Ceremony, President Prof. Ng and Dean Prof. Sung communicated with every awarded student to better understand the story behind each piece of work.


PRA Programme LIN Qianci presents her poster to Present Prof. Ng and Dean Prof. Sung


PRA Programme LIAO Ziliang at a discussion with Present Prof. Ng (first from right) and Dean Prof. Sung (first from left)

President Prof. Ng’s and Dean Prof. Sung’s wonderful welcome speeches preluded the opening of the Recognition Ceremony, both expressed congratulations to the awarded students and sincere thanks to faculties who have always been supportive of the school.


President Prof. Ng’s welcome address


Dean Prof. Sung’s welcome address

Right after their welcome speeches, President Prof. Ng, on behalf of UIC, presented gifts to all awarded students.




As one of the awarded student representatives, PRA Programme LIN Qianci expressed her gratitude to her tutors, Dr. Fan Hu and Ms. Janey Huang, for their help and encouragement. “Even though difficulties arose all the time, their patient help and encouragement had been essential to my accomplishment of the design,” said LIN Qianci, during her speech.


Many faculties and students attended the Recognition Ceremony, and this successful Ceremony ended with a big group photo.