Ms. Yuki Han, the General Manager of Guangzhou QSclick Advertising co.LTD, shared her 10-year experience in Digital Marketing with  her lecture on “China’s Digital Media Adventure, A practitioner’s  story” at UIC on 18 May 2016. The speech has initiated a new discussion on online marketing and digital media on campus.

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Ms. Han introduced the digital media landscape in China and her observations in the past decade. The rise of the Internet has changed the traditional game plan of marketing communication. Search Engine Optimization and Big Data Technology have contributed to the online precision marketing with consumer’s data captured directly from the internet users. The refined digital media and creative deliverables have fostered a better opportunity to cultivate customers’ engagement and brand community. In the new era of content marketing, Ms. Han pointed out that digital marketing is gradually shifting from a technology-demanding strategy to a creative planning driven one. Creativity in content production and marketing innovation are highly valued.

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Digital Marketing is a growing business in China. Though it may not be the best solution for brand communication, it is now a new battlefield for advertising, public relations and marketing with high cost-efficiency and interactivity Ms. Han reminds students that online marketing is a dynamic business. It is important to catch up with the innovations and the marriage of strategic planning and creative ideas really makes a difference in the business. .