Students are required to complete 132 units within the curriculum structure as follows:

Curriculum StructureUnits
Major Required Courses 48
Major Elective Courses 12
General Education Core and Distribution Courses 44
Free Elective Courses 24
WholePerson Education Experiential Modules 4
Total 132

I. Major Required Courses [48 units]

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
COMM1003 Introduction to Communication 传播学导论 3
COMM2003 Communication Theory 传播学理论 3
COMM2013 Professional Communication Skills 专业传播技巧 3
COMM2023 Mass Media Writing 大众媒体写作 3
PRA2003 Principles of Public Relations 公共关系原理 3
PRA2013 Principles of Advertising 广告学原理 3
PRA2023 Communication Research 传播学研究 3
PRA2033 Computer Visual Design 电脑视觉设计 3
PRA2043 Publication Design 书刊设计 3
PRA3093 Media and Event Planning 媒体会展策划 3
PRA3003 Consumer Behaviour 消费行为学 3
PRA3013 Public Relations Writing 公共关系写作 3
PRA3023 Advertising Copywriting 广告文案写作 3
PRA4063 Public Relations and Advertising Strategic Campaigns 公共关系与广告策略和筹划 3
PRA4023 Final Year Project (PRA) 毕业论文    3
PRA4033 Integrated Marketing Communications 整合营销传播 3

II. Major Elective Courses [12 units]

Students are required to select 4 courses (12 units ) from the listing below:

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
COMM2140  Persuasion and Social Influence 游说和社会影响 3
PRA2053 Case Studies in Public Relations and Advertising 公共关系与广告研习 3
PRA3033 Research in Public Relations and Advertising 公共关系及广告研究 3
PRA3043 Graphic Communication 视觉传媒 3
PRA3053 Advanced Design and Visualisation 高级视觉设计 3
PRA3063 Digital Media 新媒体 3
PRA3073 Brand Communication 广告品牌建立 3
PRA3083 Crisis Management and Risk Communication 危机管理与传播 3
PRA4053 Public Relations and Advertising Internship 公共关系与广告学实习 3
PRA4003 Advertising and Society 广告与社会 3
PRA4013 Special Topics in Public Relations and Advertising 公共关系及广告专题研究 3
PRA4043 Advertising Regulation and Ethics 广告法规与伦理 3

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