A delegation of 17 people from UIC’s Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA) programme participated and 9 conference papers were presented at the International Conference on Rehabilitation on 26 June. The theme of this conference was ‘Concerted efforts; Harmony; Equality and Working together for the future’ and it was held at the Venice Hotel in Macao.


UIC team in the International Conference on Rehabilitation

The conference lasted for three days. The Chairman of International Federation on Rehabilitation and the Chairman of the China Federation of the Disabled Persons, Ms Zhang Haidi, attended the conference and delivered the opening speech.


UIC team members and Ms Zhang Haidi (right)

Coming from over 30 countries, there were more than 1000 representatives from government, business, as well as the social and academic sector joined together and shared views on different important issues. In addition, there was also exhibition on the rehabilitation equipment and facilities.

Two SWSA students made outstanding performance among other international scholars. Year 4 SWSA Student, Yang Boyuan, presented a paper that was titled ‘Group work practice to serving families of disabled people in Zhuhai – Building bridges with love and bringing their voice into the community’. Due to her outstanding performance, Bowen was awarded the Asia Trust Scholarship and waive of the hotel accommodation fees and registration fees and a US$100 cash award.


Yang Boyuan presenting her paper at the conference

Another Year 4 SWSA student, Judy Huang, gained the recognition from the panel after her presentation of the paper ‘Social Skills Training group for people with mental illness’. At the same time, the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences (DHSS) Assistant Professor, Dr Adam Chan also presented his paper ‘Holistic integration for children with attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder in their school life with inter-professional collaboration’.


Huang Wenzao answering question during the discussion


Dr Adam Chan presenting his paper at the conference

In addition, the special education team of the Centre for Social Management Research and Services (CSMRS) also illustrated their work on helping children with oral speech problem. They distributed over 300 copies of the manual ‘Handbook on the games for oral muscle exercise’.


Special education teacher from UIC-CSMRS, You Ting, introducing a handbook

The therapist from the Elderly Services of the CSMRS also hared knowledge on helping seniors. A long with the social workers from Child Welfare Services, they discussed their experience on working with disabled children for career planning and independent living.


Li Qiongxia, a therapist from UIC-CSMRS, talking about stroke casea in elderly home


Chen Simin, a social worker from UIC-CSMRS, talking about working with people with dementia

Since the first conference in 1922, the ICR have strived the efforts in promoting the services as well as eliminating discrimination against the disabled people. The sign of wheelchair is now one of the most recognized symbols in the world.


Lao Yanmei, a social worker from UIC-CSMRS, career planning for disabled orphans

The International Conference on Rehabilitation has made great impacts on the development, which resulted in the establishment of ‘The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’, hoping that it will lead to the finalisation of the “'Agenda and Objectives of Sustainable Development of UN2030'.

Editor: Samuel Burgess (MPRO)
(from DHSS SWSA)