The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS) High Table Dinner for Year Four students was held on 23 April. Mr Lau C.K. from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) was invited as the guest speaker for this event.


Students entering the venue

Mr Lau is a graduate of the English Journalism Programme of the Communication Department of Hong Kong Baptist College. He is currently the Executive Director of The Newspaper Society of Hong Kong and a director of both the Journalism Education Foundation and Hong Kong News-Expo.


Dean of DHSS Prof Sung Mei-hwa (left) presents a souvenir to Mr Lau

Joining Mr Lau at the high table dinner were Vice President of UIC, Professor George Wei; Registrar of UIC, Professor Li Jianhui; Dean of DHSS, Professor Sung Mei-hwa; Associate Dean of DHSS, Dr Charles Lowe; Programme Director of International Journalism (IJ), Dr Chen Wenrui; Programme Director of English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS), Dr Edith Yan; Programme Director of Government and International Relations (GIR), Dr Edoardo Monaco; Programme Director of Public Relations and Advertising (PRA), Dr Hu Fan; Programme Director of Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA), Dr Chan Kam Tong.


Professor Sung gave the welcome speech for all students and guests before saying “Five years ago, a number of year four students approached me to express their desire of having another high table dinner, as they will soon leave UIC to pursue a new life.” She was touched by the emotion shown by the students about having a high table dinner together with their teachers and their fellow students for their future memories.

Then Professor Sung introduced the guest speaker, Mr Lau C.K. from HKBU, to deliver the high table dinner lecture.


Mr Lau’s speech topic was titled ‘Between School and Career: Links, Breaks, and Lessons’. He shared his own experience of graduating from college and gaining a Master’s degrees oversea. Also Mr Lau mentioned his way of applying knowledge that he had learnt at school to his career. Then, he made some suggestions for the students regarding whether they should get a Master’s degree and what programme they should aim for.


During the Q&A section, Year 4 IJ student, Wang Tianyao, asked for suggestions for securing a job overseas after graduating from Master’s degree. Mr Lau illustrated the difficulties of this idea and emphasised that there could be greater chance to have a better career if they returned to China after graduation. Professor George Wei added that, even though it is difficult to earn a position in a foreign country, the possibility exists. Finding the ‘niche’ matters the most.


Year 4 IJ student Wang Tianyao


Professor George Wei adding his oppinion



 Reporter: Serena Wang (Y4 PRA)
Photographer: Liang Jianhao (Y4 IJ)
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney
(from MPRO)