20191010 guest talk The Innovative Application of Unmanned Boat to Environmental Protection in China and beyond


Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligence Technology Ltd. is a leading Chinese company operating in research, design and mass production of unmanned boats for scientific research in particular on water resource management and pollution issues. Nowadays, the company has expanded its market outreach beyond China to over 30 countries, striving to provide innovative, cutting-edge solutions to the most pressing global issues of environmental protection worldwide. The talk will thus provide relevant examples of Chinese-led innovation for a greener, more sustainable progress. The lecture content includes practical cases on the application of unmanned boats in environmental protection and the experience in expanding oversea markets. The lecture will be in English.

Guest Speaker:

Mr. Zhang graduated from an electronic engineering major at Huazhong Science and Technology University. He obtained a master degree in U.S., and subsequently worked as electronic engineer for years in Silicon Valley. Since then he has engaged in various environmental protection and management projects in China, lectured on environmental monitoring, as well as written unmanned boat industry standards for the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection. As International Business General Manager, he has built the brand and expanded Yunzhou’s markets overseas, generating ever-increasing product export sales in more than 20 countries across the world.