Time: Friday, 15 March 2013, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Venue: B101

Organizer: The Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (ICCS) of DHSS, UIC



09.00-09.05 Professor Mei-hwa Sung, Dean (DHSS): Opening Remarks 
09.05-10.25  Professor Terry S.H. Yip, Department of English Language and Literature HKBU: “The Dis/Location of the Self: Women's Cross-Cultural Experiences in The Unwalled City” 

Dr. Charles Lowe, Programme Coordinator (CELL): “Teaching the 

‘Other Literatures’ in China” 

11.25-13.00 Lunch Break 
13.00-14.20  Professor Leo Tak-hung Chan, Head (Department of Translation, Lingnan University): “In the Shadow of Three Lingua Francae: No Need for Translation in East Asia?” 
14.20-15.20  Ms. Dawn Tsang, Programme Coordinator (ATS): “Building Cultural Sensitivity for Interpreters” 
15.20-15.40 Tea break 

Panel Discussions: “The Importance and Challenges of Including Cross-Cultural Elements in Teaching at UIC”


Dr. Joanne Gula, Programme Coordinator (PRA): Moderator 

Professor Kwok-kan Tam (The Open University of Hong Kong) 

Dr. Edith Yan, Programme Coordinator (TESL) 

Dr. Kenneth Lan, Programme Coordinator (GIR) 

MS. Katharina Yu, Programme Coordinator (CFLC) 

Ms. Roser Cervera (CFLC)

Mr. Andrew Newell (CTV) 

16.50-17.00  Dr. Hari Adhikari (CELL), Director of the Institute of Cross Cultural Studies: Closing Remarks 
Venue:   B101 
Organized by: The Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (ICCS) of Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS)