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The major cast and crew met with the audience after the premiere on Sept. 19, 2019 at the performance theater of UIC.                                                                                                                 (Photo by LOU Jingfeng)

IJ/MCOM students' second independent film HERE COMES THE GROOM (2019, 45min) has been officially selected by the Short Film Unit of the 2nd Hong Kong International Youth Film Festival (HKIYFF) and the 9th Macau International Micro-movie Festival (student unit). For a film produced by UIC students as extracurricular activities, the team invested a lot in learning and exploring the possibilities of media and media production.

Centered on a few hours of drama and tension in female friendship before a wedding, the film took the cast and crew a total of four months in Spring 2019 to complete. The team ‘Xu and His Friends’ Film Studio was an extracurricular club founded by students and staff of IJ/MCOM, and has been joined by film enthusiasts from across programmes in UIC. Most of them had little experiences in filmmaking or production before they started the project. But with strong guidance and a learning-oriented environment, the team completed script writing, performing, shooting, and editing successfully, and brought a premiere to the UIC audience last September.

We hereby congratulate IJ/MCOM and members of ‘XU and His Friends’ Film Studio. Hope all UICers can find and engage with what they love in this vibrant dynamics of Liberal Arts College.

新郎来了 海报


"Here Comes the Groom" tells a story before a wedding. The bride invites three of her girlfriends to the preparation of the ceremony. The friends are bewildered, the invitation coming as a surprise. The groom has not arrived yet, and the four of them all have their own axes to grind.

The movie explores friendship, romantic relationships, and marriage as experienced by young women in a modern city. How does it feel when a young woman is juggling with an intimate relationship, a career, and friendship in a Chinese metropolis? The movie lets the audience in on the secret.

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