Media Talents for a Global China


As China is taking an increasingly bigger role in world politics and the global economy in the twenty-first century, a future generation of media professionals faces renewed challenges and responsibilities. The new programme of Media and Communication Studies (MCOM) aims to provide our students with a rigorous curriculum grounded in media literacy and communication, training them in both critical theories and creative abilities in a world of media convergence.

Beginning the academic year of 2019, MCOM admits the first batch of students from mainland China and beyond. In the programme, our students study media theories and practices in and outside of China, and critically analyze the role of media within multiple contexts and levels. Through comparison and contrast of real-world examples, we prepare students with a grounded knowledge of the fast-changing media industry and society in China and globally. The key fields of study in MCOM include Chinese media, media law and history, the global media landscape, and critical cultural studies.、

To achieve a balanced curriculum between critical theories and skills training, our programme also keeps alive core courses in writing, reporting, and editing as well as digital technologies in broadcast and documentary filmmaking to cultivate both the brains and hands of a future generation of media leaders.