“IJ Week”: Journalism Shows New Energy in Digital Age

Ruiyi Xiang, Shulin Xu, Shuyue Han, Mingxuan Zhao



Teachers and students participate in the open ceremony of the third “IJ Week” at United International College in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China on Tuesday, March. 20, 2018.

The third “I.J. Week” activity held by the International Journalism Academic Society, 20-23 March, showed the new look of the journalism industry in the current age.

This year’s theme is “Journalism Next: Understanding Journalism in the Digital Age.” A variety of activities including an exhibition, creative workshops and guest forums were carried out during the five-day “I.J. Week”.

Charles Wu, Professor of Government and International Relations told I.J. Lab reporters that he learned more about how to make news interviews and editing. At the same time, he also admired the delicate and high level of the exhibition.

Yuzi Luo, the President of International Journalism Academic Society said they prepared I.J. Week for four months. “Since the theme is about new media, we decided to advertise this activity on network media and didn’t print out many promotions such as posters and banners,” she added.

Except the Academic Society’s early preparations, this year’s “I.J. Week” also received full support from the I.J. teachers. “All exhibits were selected by our teachers,” Luo added. “Some teachers are even willing to postpone the courses and encourage their students to join in.”

Some famous media people, for example Mr. Cheuk Fei Man , were also invited to share their opinions about the new media development. Hao Liang, a freshman from Media Arts and Design Programme said she learned a lot from the lecture about New Media Development delivered by Mr. Man Cheuk Fei. Liang also said: “As Mr. Man said, news still needs to keep its quality from the print media to new media. Besides, I realized that as the audience becomes wider, the news will become more detailed than ever before.”


Mr. Man Cheuk Fei shares his reporter experience in the Guest Speaker lecture at United International College in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China on Tuesday, March. 20, 2018.