Employment Opportunities for International Journalism Graduates

The International Journalism Programme offers a real and effective education that allows graduates to:

  • Produce journalism that has insight, style and creativity;
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral English and Chinese;
  • Work efficiently and effectively as team members in inter-cultural and/or inter-national settings;
  • Apply the knowledge and skills gained in the programme to launch a successful career.

Many of the International Journalism Programme's students will proceed to postgraduate study. Their favourite destinations for continued study are the United Kingdom (UK), Hong Kong, and the US. Those who go directly into work focus on the following areas:

  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Civil service
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Various jobs in media production and distribution
  • Technical writing


The International Journalism programme at UIC is designed to serve as a springboard for students to become professional journalists. To help our students and graduates fulfil this aim, we have organised connections to a vast array of internships. For the most part, these internships take place in the summer. A wide variety of organisations offer internships to our students, such as Cable TV Hong Kong, CCTV Channel 12, Southern Metropolis Daily, and the United States Consulate General Public Affairs Section in Guangzhou.

Internships serve to anchor classroom instruction through professional experience. This, in turn, energises and deepens learning in the classroom for those students who have completed internships.

Internship is a credit-bearing course. A faculty member will serve as supervisor for our students to assure that students have completed internship hours and performed to the satisfaction of the respective organisations that take on our students as interns, as well as to the standards of UIC’s IJ Programme. Students who have completed their internships will have to write a report which will be graded.