Dr. Monaco’s “Political Cultures and Economies in Transition” class invited former World Health Organization (WHO) officer, Dr. KC Tang (Kwok Cho Tang), to meet the students and deliver a lecture titled “Global Health Governance, SDGs and Health Promotion” on November 15, 2019.

Dr. Tang served first as Technical Lead and then Coordinator of the Health Promotion Unit at WHO in Geneva between 2002 and 2016. 


The lecture focused on how the World Health Organization works with stakeholders to deal with health threats that require transnational action or threats that have considerable impact on global security or development, using Health Promotion as an example. Dr. Tang explained the links between SDGs and Health Promotion, provided examples on how Health Promotion contributes to achieve SDGs, and shared insights on WHO’s governance and operations, with particular regard to the organisation’s agenda in the Global South.


Above all, the lecture highlighted the need for holistic governance approaches even in the field of worldwide health promotion, and thus stressed the importance for students to develop broad horizons as well as solid multidisciplinary competences and skills which, in an era of sustainable development and globalisation, are in increasingly high demand across both national and international organisations. Dr. Tang therefore concluded his lecture by encouraging students to work hard to become future holistic governance leaders.