April 19, 2019: Guest Lecture on Global Environmental and Social Responsibility




On April 19, 2019, Ms. Sarah Albert, a senior Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility (CSER) manager at Flex, has joined Year 2 students in their “Introduction to Sustainable Development” class and delivered a guest lecture about the social responsibility in the perspective of a major private corporation. Ms. Albert and her colleague Anna Achenbach introduced their company, a Fortune 500 multinational corporation with a large production facility in Zhuhai, and explained what CSER is, why it matters and what role multinational companies play in this area. Their inspiring talk received very positive feedback, especially during group discussions when they talked about the socio-economic and environmental responsibilities of a selection of top firms in the world, including Google, Lego and Disneyland, and how they achieved such their CSER goals. The students also learned the benefit of taking up such responsibilities for the companies and society as a whole, as well as the promising career prospect of this emerging field.