On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017, the Government and International Relations Programme invited Ms. Sarah Albert, Senior Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility (CSER) Manager at Flex, to speak at the DHSS Lecture Series. Flex is a world-leading “Fortune500” multinational corporation with a large production facility in Zhuhai, China, supplying electronic components for a large variety of popular brands’ products, ranging from computers to cars, smartphones, home appliances etc. Ms. Albert discussed the hot topic of “Global Citizenship”, stressing the crucial role that multinational companies play in modern society, and thus highlighting the huge socio-economic and environmental responsibilities they carry.  She talked about the need for compliance with local and international standards, as well as about relevant practices in global supply chain monitoring, environmental protection and sourcing of raw materials. Ms. Albert stressed that international affairs’ studies can well prepare future graduates to pursue careers in global businesses like Flex, and listed a number of potential paths available for such graduates in the field of CSER, which possibly include working as auditors, supply chain monitors, system managers, government relation officers, foreign market experts and more.