On April 26, 2018 a group of twenty-two GIR students were invited by Mr. Peter Tan, Deputy General Manager at Singyes Green Energy Technologies (HK) Limited, to explore the company’s headquarters based in Zhuhai.  

Accompanied by GIR staff members Ms. Emmy Li Hui and Ms. Elizabeth Rodewald, the students were shown different state-of-the-art technologies that Singyes designs and produces for international and domestic customers, ranging from solar panels to switchable privacy glass which can control glass windows visibility by using a remote control.

All of the buildings housing the designs as well as the employees’ residential quarters are all appropriately lined on the outside with solar panels, which provide the large campus with around forty percent of its energy supply. 

Toward the end of the tour, Ms. Sophia Guo, assistant administrator director at Singyes, prepared a PowerPoint presentation regarding their solar power initiatives in Africa and Mr. Tan answered any questions students had regarding the company’s work.