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On April 19, 2017 a group of twenty GIR students of various cohorts visited two major Chinese companies, with branches in Zhuhai, to explore the possible career paths they can pursue upon graduation. The students first met with Ms. Zhao Miaoli, the Human Resources manager of SeaSun Games at Kingsoft Corporation. Ms. Zhao explained that GIR students would be perfect for managerial roles in the company, or in dealing with international business aspects of the company. She then allowed the students a quick peek on the floor where the videogame web developers create the final videogame product. The students then travelled next door and met with a representative from XiaoMi outlet store, a company headquartered in Beijing with the same president as KingSoft, who showed the students the latest tech gadgets that the company has recently introduced to the market.  He let students test out the gadgets, which included an electric scooter, a new selfie technology to detect one’s age in the camera lens, and a self-balancing scooter.