A World of Opportunities

We live in a world of ever-increasing interdependence: different corners of the globe are now closely interconnected by means of intense economic cooperation. At the same time, economic dynamics have become more and more intertwined with social and environmental factors.

The key to sustainable progress, both in the public and in the private sectors, therefore lies in the hands of governance leaders with vast horizons, who can identify such interconnectedness and tap into holistic competences in order to manage the complex challenges and realise the vast opportunities of this "globalised era".

UIC's newest "Globalisation and Development" (GAD) Programme trains precisely those very future governance leaders, by exposing them to the most relevant trends in world economy, global trade integration, regional cooperation, international development and natural resource management.


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The programme's curriculum covers the most vibrant regions of the world, and places particular emphasis on the growing relevance and international outreach of both the Greater Bay Area and China as a whole - along the "Belt and Road", and beyond.

This cutting-edge international studies' platform celebrates the complementarity of economic, social and environmental affairs and welcomes with open arms ambitious students eager to one day manage globalisation and development dynamics - in China and abroad - on behalf of multinational corporations, consulting firms, financial institutions, public management agencies, NGOs as well as media and research organisations.