In Globalisation and Development Programme, students assess global affairs from social, economic and environmental points of view, with particular focus on the most dynamic and vibrant regions of the world. Such studies enable graduates to:

  • Investigate the most significant local and international trends concerning socio-economic development and governance;
  • Make sense and take advantage of globalisation’s interconnected phenomena and market opportunities;
  • Advise and propose feasible strategies to both private and public sector entities, in regards to their operations in China, along the Belt and Road Initiative, and beyond;
  • Master cross-cultural communication skills.

The career prospects are therefore multiple. Graduates will be able to pursue specialisation studies in prestigious universities in China, Hong Kong, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands etc., or move into careers including:


  • International Business and Trade;
  • Public Management Agencies;
  • National and International  Research Platforms;
  • Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs);
  • International Organisations;
  • Cultural Exchange Agencies;
  • Academia;
  • Media.