What do GIR graduates do?


GIR Programme provides students with intellectual and practical skills that are highly relevant to a wide range of career paths. It prepares students for further studies in prestigious universities around the world, and successful employment in: private companies, trade and financial institutions, public management agencies, as well as research institutes - within China and abroad.


The programme was recently ranked at the top in its discipline both nationally and provincially, among the joint venture colleges in China, by Cuaa.net (http://www.cuaa.net/paihang/news/news.jsp?information_id=135710).


In 2019, three months after graduation, 88.25% of GIR graduates were employed and/or pursuing further studies.; similarly, again three months after graduation in 2018, 87.5% of GIR graduates were employed or pursuing further studies.




GIR Graduates studying in world top-100 universities (QS Rankings)

Total GIR graduates Graduates pursuing further studies Graduates studying in top-100 universities (QS)
32 20 15
35 26 16

Employer Industries

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The Alumni Gathering is an regular event bringing together GIR Alumni and existing GIR students from every cohort (Y1 to Y4). Alumni active in various sectors - ranging from academia to government and various businesses, at home and abroad  - share their experience in person or via video chats, allowing the whole GIR community to interact, network and explore the many opportunities that the GIR programme can offer.

Alumni Gathering 2019 (click here for more information)

Alumni Gathering 2016 (click here for more information)





2019 Graduates




China in Comparative Perspective MSc, London School of Economics and Political Science


“In GIR, I exchanged to Swansea University. I also worked as an overseas volunteer in the Maldives and I interned at China-Europe Center, China News Agency, various government agencies as well as foreign enterprise. In my final year, I got offers from the London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, ANU, University of Edinburgh and University of Manchester. I feel grateful to the major, not only for the course contents, but also for the professors and the general campus atmosphere that exerted great influence on me.”






Media planner, PHD Media Group


“My experiences in UIC/GIR equipped me with communication and interpersonal skills which enabled me to communicate effectively across several channels and media, and to build solid relationships with a variety of stakeholders – which is especially important when working in a multicultural or cross-cultural setting, as I am in charge of Asia Pacific region. I do want to say to GIR students that earning this degree will potentially prepare you for many career paths, as yours are highly sought-after skills in any career you pursue or industry you ultimately work in.”






International Relations MSc, University of Melbourne


“Influenced by GIR's knowledge intake and learning environment, I think I can adapt to every local environment more easily, and I can observe and learn more local culture and lifestyle with a more professional and unique perspective. Moreover, many thanks go to GIR professors who helped me much for the opportunities of overseas study, and created a harmonious professional atmosphere for me to learn more and better at UIC.”






Gender Studies MSc, Chinese University of Hong Kong


“In the four-year of study in GIR, I have taken almost all the elective courses related to development studies. During the process of exploring this field, I found myself also interested in its relation with cultural studies and anthropology. Besides academic learning, I achieved my dream of music. In the school “iMUSIC” club, I organized my own band and keep uploading my own songs on the internet. Now, I have signed a contract with the record company and released my own singles. I really appreciated the school and the effort of professors which made me become the ‘me’ now.”






Chinese Studies MSc, Chinese University of Hong Kong


“The teaching and educational model in UIC is different from other mainland universities. GIR did let me understand that learning is not just memorizing, but looking at issues from different angles, and depths. This kind of learning has truly broadened my horizons. At the same time, the education models similar to foreign countries also laid the foundation for my postgraduate study.”




2018 Graduates




Marketing Associate and Copywriter, Laserfiche International


“Topics and experiences in GIR have contributed directly to my diverse international perspective, equipping me with a highly relevant and competitive skill set applicable to a wide range of contexts. I can attribute my successes in working with international media, industry consultants and regional stakeholders to the GIR curriculum, providing me with the necessary skills to tackle projects in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the US and Europe. I can specifically recall key points of my career determined by knowledge gained from GIR courses.”






School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University


“It has been a diverse and fulfilled year in Johns Hopkins University after graduating from UIC. I dived into a complex world composed by economics, politics, energy, as well as the cultural and societal interplay. DC’s metropolitan cultural environment, outstanding talks in think tanks, and vibrant people flows have also enriched my academic and professional experience. My greatest blessing to my fellow students in GIR: try to open your minds, share thoughts with people from various fields, and harbor confidence indefinitely.”





Intern, Translation Agency in London after MSc in Anthropology at LSE


“I completed an MSc in Anthropology and Development Management from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2019. My studies in GIR and experience in UIC broadened my horizon, fostered my independent thinking, which benefits me a lot in my later studying and working life. I often recall my days in UIC and appreciate my professors, tutors and friends in the charming college campus.”





MPA/Information Science MSc, University of Pittsburgh


"Having spent the last two years pursuing dual degrees in public policy and data analytics in the United States, I maintain that enrolling in UIC/GIR was one of my best decisions. With its breadth of offered classes, I was able to explore many subject matters, which helps find my academic interests and ultimately contributes to my development as a well-rounded individual. I really appreciate my professors for their encouragement and support throughout my time at UIC/GIR."