Students should complete the following 15 Major Required (MR) courses - each carrying 3 units, for a total of 45 out of 60 major units:


English Titles Chinese Titles
 Foundations of World Geography       世界地理导论
 International Cooperation  国际合作
 Introduction to Sustainable Development           可持续发展导论
 Introduction to Research Methods  研究方法导论
 The Global Economy  全球经济
 Regional Cooperation and Integration: The EU  欧盟区域合作与整合
 Cooperation and Progress in the Guangdong-HK-Macau Greater Bay Area      粤港澳大湾区的合作与发展
 Globalisation: Trends, Issues and Opportunities  全球化:趋势、问题和机遇
 Regional Cooperation and Integration: the ASEAN  东盟区域合作与整合
 Global Environmental Governance  全球环境治理
 International Migration  国际移民
 Public-Private Partnerships  政府和社会资本合作
 Growth, Innovation and Development: Case Studies 经济增长创新与发展:经典案例研究 
 Global Routes of Trade and Investment  全球贸易与投资路线
 Final Year Project  毕业论文


In addition, students shall complete 5 of the following Major Elective (ME) courses - each carrying 3 units:


English Titles Chinese Titles
 Society, Environment and Development in Africa  非洲社会环境与发展研究
 Contemporary Europe-Asia Interactions  当代欧亚互动
 Governance and Society in Northeast Asia  东北亚治理与社会
 Governance and Society in Latin America  拉丁美洲治理与社会
 Governance and Society in North America  北美治理与社会
 China’s Global Partnerships for Shared Prosperity  中国全球共荣伙伴关系
 Topics in Globalisation and Development  全球化和发展议题
 Development in Post-Colonial British Commonwealth  后殖民时期的英联邦发展
 Global South in Transition  南方国家的转型
 Development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia  东欧和中亚发展
 Asia in the Age of Globalisation  亚洲全球化
 Data Analysis for Social Sciences  社会科学数据分析
 Principles of Negotiation  谈判原理
Rural Economic Development and Transformation in Globalising China 全球化下的中国农村经济发展与转型
Project Management in International Development 国际发展项目管理
International Organisations 国际组织



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