Who are we and what do we do?

TESL Angel 1 2581s

We are mostly TESOL concentration students eager to serve the community through our professional training. We organize voluntary teaching programs to help people with their English. We have experience in carrying out teaching programs on and off campus. Full-time employees working in the International Center and Horizon Cove were the first two groups who benefited from our programs. Want to experience real-life teaching? Join us now! 



2015.02 – 2015.05

In this semester, many of us were very excited to launch and implement a new TESOL Angel project in which we provided tutorials for foreign interns from the English Learning Centre (ELC) to facilitate their Chinese/Putonghua learning on a one-to-one basis. Through our bilingual interactions with the foreign interns in this project, we could not only help them enhance their Chinese/Putonghua proficiency but we could also improve our English proficiency. Towards the end of this semester, we were really pleased to get the feedback that the foreign interns enjoyed participating in this project, and one of them even sent us a thank-you card and a present to express his gratitude. 

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Based on our previous successful experience, we established a new project working with staff from UIC departments. Participants of the new project were from the Academic Registry (AR), Student Affairs Office (SAO), Integrated Service Office (ISO), Medical and Health Education Office (MHEO) and Learning Resources Centre (LRC). Our TESOL Angels designed and prepared the learning materials for each meeting to cater for the individual language needs and English proficiency levels of the participants.

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The project with WPE (Whole Person Education) department resumed. Each TESOL Angel worked with a participant in a two-hour meeting per week to revise learning materials, improve vocabulary and hold conversations in English with the participant.

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We tutored some teachers from WEP (Whole Person Education) department with their English in form of one-to-one and group meetings. Every group meeting was to revise and check the progress of the students within a week and gave them a task for the next week. Tutor and students found a time which worked for them in private and finish the given task.



We helped staff in the Greenwood Gourmet (located in Cultural Village) with their English so that they could provide better services in English to UIC teachers and students.

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2010.09 ---2010.12

We tutored middle school and elementary school students in the close neighborhood with their English according to school books. This one-to-one form of tutorial favore with students because it made them more comfortable to speak out and ask all kinds of questions. At the same time, TESOL ANGELs have gained great experience of dealing with elementary and middle school students and learnt useful methods and strategies of teaching English as a second language.

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