During the second semester of each year, Year-3 and Year-4 TESOL students will complete a two-week Language-Teaching Practicum in some public primary or middle schools in Zhuhai, whereas Year-3 and Year-4 EPC students will take Editing and Publishing Practicum throughout the semester to publish an interdisciplinary magazine. These courses provide hands-on training for students in their professional field under the supervision of academic staff and/or on-site supervisors.

Besides, students of all concentrations can take 160-hour internship at a company or organization during the summer vacation between the third year and the fourth year of study. The placements must be related to the student’s concentration area. Within the company or organization, students will work under the supervision of an on-site supervisor, who will provide formal feedback and evaluation.


Partner Companies/Organizations

  • Tangguoan Memorial Primary School
  • Yungwing International Kindergarten
  • Four-Point Education Coordination Office, UIC
  • Doumen Experimental Primary School
  • Jing'an No.1 Primary School


Student Sharing After Completing Internship

Lynn (CELL, 2015 cohort)

Participating in Internship at the New Oriental Education Institution, Guangzhou Campus in July & August 2018

In the past two months, I served as an English teaching assistant in the New Oriental Education Institution. This was so amazing to me since it was my first working experience. During this internship, I was mainly responsible for several tasks: preparing the lectures, being an online teaching assistant and an oral English teacher. These duties allowed me to gain experience in different departments and to learn more comprehensive knowledge about being a teacher. As an oral English teacher, I completed 60 oral tests for 60 students. During the oral interviews I evaluated the students’ English ability and recommended them different levels of courses according to their language proficiency. At the beginning, I was shy but this experience gave me the confidence to be a professional teacher. The role of an online English teaching assistant was more challenging as I needed to handle complicated interpersonal relationships. I had to contact the instructors on a daily basis, and learn their course schedules, students’ performances as well as their daily-assigned homework. I also supervised students to finish their daily homework and encouraged them to do better. Gaining parents’ trust was even more difficult, especially from demanding parents. When my effort was appreciated and recognized by my supervisors, students and their parents, and the class instructor at the end of the class, I felt contented. In conclusion, this internship offered me a precious opportunity to work, to learn, and to be a better person.

   Zhang Weilin


Elva (CELL, 2015 cohort)

Participating in Internship at YungWing International Kindergarten in July & August 2018

I worked as a teaching assistant at Zhuhai YungWing International Kindergarten, where I met the loveliest children in the world. My responsibilities at the kindergarten were to help the teachers organize class activities, maintain class disciplines, and look after the children, such as changing their clothes, putting them to sleep, distributing their food, etc. In addition, I needed to take photos of class activities and then upload them to the class’ WeChat group. I worked about 9 hours per day, from 8 am when children started to arrive at the classroom, to 5 pm when the parents came to pick up their kids. Although the job was tiring, I did not regret my choice. I have gained much valuable experience this summer, which I could not have obtained in campus. Nevertheless, I cannot deny that getting along with children is not always an easy thing. The most important thing I have learned during my internship is patience. As a kindergarten teacher, I must have patience to deal with children’s behaviors and requests. Also, being active is crucial. I should devote myself in the teaching process and attend the children’s needs at all times. This internship is of high importance as it has helped me to realize my weaknesses and strengths. Since I intend to work in the education field in the future, this experience definitely served as a platform to prepare myself for these challenges. I have learned how to be a good teacher, as well as a positive communicator. My internship at Zhuhai YungWing International Kindergarten has been a very special and memorable experience.

   Wang Gefan


Maggie (TESL, 2014 cohort)

Participating in Internship at Yungwing International Kindergarten in July & August 2017

I learned a lot from this internship. I know how to get along with the children and their parents. And I learned a lot from the teachers. We also stayed in the office for a week and arranged the files that they gave children lessons and made PPTs. It was not fun as being a teacher and playing with kids, but it was not a difficult job. I really enjoyed working here and I hope I can be a good kindergarten teacher in the future.

   Maggie 2014cohort 


Youth (CELL, 2014 cohort)

Participating in Internship in Zhuhai Children Protection Association in July & August 2017

Participating in Internship in China Merchants Foundation and UIC MPRO in 2016

I started my Internship from the second year of my college. I have always been interested in Non-Governmental Organization and public welfare. What I found most beneficial to my career plan was Dr. Lowe’s Speech and Oral Communication course. He conducted interviews and taught us various interview techniques. In his Advanced English Composition course, Dr. Lowe also spent plenty of time listening to my thoughts and helped me to organise ideas. I have gained valuable experience of how to organize my own thinking and then produce logical outcomes. This is of vital importance for me at work. And what I appreciated most was Dr. Lowe's patience. Whenever I had questions in my study or career, he was always there to help me deal with them. The most important skill I learned was that, I can read foreign literature with less difficulties after my four-year study in the college. This skill will not only enhance my academic ability, it will also enable me to acquire a lot of foreign experiences in my life time. Currently, I am working in a charity organisation called Shaoguan Rural Revitalization Foundation. There might be differences between what I am currently doing and what most literature students would choose to embark on after graduation, but I believe that the critical thinking and writing skills I have gained from CELL programme will enable me to be competent in any field of specialisation.

   Yao Yutong


Student Sharing After Completing Language-Teaching Practicum

Shirley (TESL, 2014 cohort)

Participating in Language-Teaching Practicum I at Zhuhai Xiangzhou No. 2 Primary School in March 2017

This teaching practicum has left me with an unforgettable experience. Whenever I recall my two-week teaching period, the smiling faces of my students will always flood into my mind, which gives me a sense of achievement. Before my teaching practicum, I never expected myself to be a teacher. But now, I have a strong desire to continue my teaching work. However, teaching really requires experience and there are a lot efforts that I need to make in the future.



Ryan (TESL, 2013 cohort)

Participating in Language-Teaching Practicum II at Zhuhai No. 8 Middle School in March 2017

Two weeks of language teaching practicum enriched my understanding of pedagogical theories. Firstly, I realized the gap between teaching theories and classroom practice. Moreover, teaching approaches should be tailored to the needs of specific schools, classes and students. Therefore, it is important to know students’ English proficiency before starting to teach. Lesson preparations should be based on their English proficiency. It is necessary to master the skills of dealing with unexpected situations in the classroom as well. Moreover, giving appropriate homework and feedback are also essential for effective teaching and learning. These experiences provided me with an insight into real English teaching, which are precious for my future career in teaching.



Dio (TESL, 2013 cohort)

Participating in Language-Teaching Practicum I in Zhuhai No. 8 Middle School in March 2016

During the 2-week practicum, I observed my mentor teacher’s classes and delivered lessons to my students. Although I was frustrated sometimes when students were unresponsive or uncooperative, I still learnt many things which I might not able to learn from textbook theories. Many of my ideas which I took for granted before changed after the practicum because I found these ideas didn’t work in real classes. The precious experience helped me improve my own teaching quite a lot. Being a teacher in the future, I may feel frustrated sometimes, but I will learn from the less successful experience and get improved in my own teaching.