There are three concentrations available in the programme. All students must enroll in one concentration upon the second year of study and graduate with that concentration.

All students are expected to complete 132 units within the normative study period in accordance with the curriculum structure below, and 36 units of the courses (including Final Year Project) have to be at Level 3 and 4.

Course Category Units

Major Required Courses


Concentration Required Courses


Major Elective Courses


General Education Core Courses


General Education Distribution Courses


Whole Person Education Experiential Learning Modules 


Free Electives Courses

Total 132


Major Required Courses (21 units):

Code English Title Chinese Title Units
ENG1003 Introduction to the Study of Literature 文学学习导论 3
ENG1013 Introduction to the Study of Language 语言学习导论 3
ENG2043 Speech and Oral Communications 演讲与口语交际 3
ENG2083 Discourse and Grammar 话语与语法 3
ENG3033 Advanced English Composition 高级英文写作 3
ENG3053 English as a World Language 英语作为世界语言 3
ENG4103 Final Year Project I (ELLS) 毕业论文I 3
Total 21


EPC Concentration Required Courses (21 units):

Code English Title Chinese Title Units
ENG2053 Professional and Technical Writing 专业英文与实用英文写作 3
ENG2143 New Media Literacies 新媒体读写能力 3
ENG2153 Creative Writing for Publication 创意写作与出版 3
ENG3153 English Through Media 媒体中的英语 3
ENG3203 Language and Intercultural Communication 语言与跨文化交际 3
ENG3233 Nonfiction Narrative Writing and Editing 非虚构叙事写作与编辑 3
ENG4123 Editing and Publishing Practicum I 编辑与出版实习I 3
Total 21


LSE Concentration Required Courses (21 units):

Code English Title Chinese Title Units
ENG2163 British Literature: The Empire and the Crisis of Identity 英国文学:帝国与认同危机 3
ENG2173 American Literature: Traditions of Democracy and Dissent 美国文学:民主与异议的传统 3
ENG3163 Dramatic Words: Theater and Performance 戏剧语言:剧场与表演 3
ENG3003 World Literature in English 世界英语文学 3
ENG3173 Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism 当代文学理论与批评 3
ENG3043 Rhetoric, Argumentation and Debate 修辞与辩论 3
ENG4133 Research Skills in Literary Studies 文学研习研究技巧 3
Total 21


TESOL Concentration Required Courses (21 units):

Code English Title Chinese Title Units
ENG2183 English Phonetics and Phonology 英语语音学与音系学 3
TESL2003 First and Second Language Acquisition 母语与第二语言的习得 3
TESL3083 Classroom Communication for Language Teachers 语言教师的课堂交际 3
TESL3033 Curriculum Development and Materials Design 课程编制发展与材料分析 3
TESL3063 Language Teaching Methodology 语言教学方法 3
TESL4083 Research Skills in Language Studies and TESOL 语言研习与英语教学研究技巧 3
TESL4053 Language-teaching Practicum I 语言教学实习I 3
Total 21


Major Elective Courses (18 units):

Code English Title Chinese Title Units
Common Major Elective courses
ENG2193 Lexis and Morphology 词汇与词法 3
ENG2203 Introduction to Western Drama 西方戏剧导论 3
ENG2063 Children's Literature 儿童文学 3
ENG2093 The Short Story 短篇小说 3
ENG2113 Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis 语用学与话语分析 3
ENG2123 Introduction to Corpus Linguistics 语料库语言学导论 3
PSY2053 Educational Psychology and Classroom Practice 教育心理学与课堂实践 3
TESL2013 Approaches to Second Language Teaching 第二语言的教学方法 3
ENG3183 Creative Writing for Performance 创意写作与表演 3
ENG3023 Introduction to Psycholinguistics 心理语言学导论 3
ENG3063 Travel Writing and the Language of Tourism 游记与旅游用语 3
ENG3073 Language and Society 语言与社会 3
ENG3083 Language and Culture 语言与文化 3
TESL3013 Language and Education 语言与教育 3
ENG4063 Final Year Project II (ELLS) 毕业论文II 3
ENG4063 Off-Campus Internship Experience 校外实习 3
Major Elective courses for EPC Concentration1
ENG3193 Writing for New Media 新媒体写作 3
ENG3203 Language and Intercultural Communication 语言与跨文化交际 3
ENG3213 Language in Business and Legal Communication 商务与法律语言传意 3
ENG4153 Editing and Publishing Practicum II 编辑与出版实习II 3
Major Elective courses for LSE Concentration1
ENG3223 Cross-cultural Studies of Literature 文学的跨文化研习 3
ENG3093 Contemporary Poetry 当代诗歌鉴赏 3
ENG3103 Asian Diaspora in Literature and Film 亚洲离散文学与影片赏析 3
ENG3123 Posthuman Futures: Science Fiction Since 1960 后人类未来:1960 年以来的科幻小说 3
ENG4013 Major Author Study 文学名家研习 3
ENG4023 Major Genre in Literature 主要文类研习 3
Major Elective courses for TESOL Concentration1
TESL3003 Bilingualism and Bilingual Education 双语与双语教育 3
TESL3043 Assessment and Evaluation 评估与评价 3
TESL3073 Genre and Multiliteracies 语类与多元读写能力 3
TESL3093 Error Analysis and Feedback on Student Writing 学生写作的错误分析与反馈 3
TESL4013 English for Specific Purposes 英语作为特别用途 3
TESL4043 Computer Assisted Language Learning 电子化语言学习 3
TESL4063 Language-teaching Practicum II 语言教学实习II 3
   Total 182

1 Though not compulsory, students are advised to take at least one Major Elective course from their own concentration in order to develop further specialized skills and knowledge in their concentration area.

2 Students are required to take six courses from the list (the availability of Major Elective courses offered each semester is subject to faculty availability and minor adjustment).