All ELLS students will enroll in a common Year 1 curriculum. The two MR courses offered in the first year, Introduction to the Study of Language and Introduction to the Study of Literature, aim at providing students with an overview of the study of language and literature so that they can be better informed as to the concentration options.

Upon the second year of study, all students must enroll in one of the three concentrations and graduate with that concentration:

  • English for Professional Communication (EPC)

  • Literary Studies in English (LSE)

  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


Events for Concentration Assignment in the Second Semester of Year 1

Littlewood talk

   1. Concentration Orientation

  • EPC (Week 2)
  • LSE (Week 3)
  • TESOL (Week 4)

    2. Concentration Selection (Week 5)

     Students will make a choice among the three concentrations in iSpace.

    3. Announcement of Results of Concentration Assignment (Week 7)