20160603 Admission


Mainland China Applicants

Students from Mainland China (except Guangdong Province) who have sat the P.R.C. National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) during the current year, and have met the college entrance benchmark are eligible to apply. For details, please visit:


Applicants from Guangdong Province should pay special attention to the requirements stated on http://uic.edu.cn/cn/admission/guangdong


Other Applicants

The College accepts applicants from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and all other countries.

For Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan applicants, please click the following link for the detailed requirements: http://uic.edu.cn/cn/admission/hk-mo-tw

Applicants from overseas other than Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan may apply for admission with qualification acceptable to the College. All applications will be reviewed on an individual basis.

For details of overseas qualifications recognised by the College, please visit:


Physically Impaired Applicants

The College views applications from students with physical challenges on an equal basis with applications from other students. There are no inherent requirements laid down for this programme that might discriminate against the admission of students with particular physical limitations. Applicants with a physical disability are requested to indicate the nature of their disability on the application forms. Their disability does not in any manner affect the chance of their admission, provided that the programmes applied for are such that the applicants are physically able to cope with the study involved in the programme.