Staff and students savour delicious food


The Festival of Cultures programme enthralled staff and students on 4 December.

Besides delicious cultural treats, traditional costumes and colourful posters, the gala afternoon also included musical performances by students from foreign languages and culture classes and foreign teachers of UIC.

The Korean class students sang sweet and soft songs, triggering a spontaneous applause from the audience. Students from the Japanese language and culture class explored the Nippon culture in all its diverse aspects.


Students in kimonos sing Japanese songs


A choir of 20 Spanish class students performed Me Gustas Tú. They moved their body along with the melody, inspiring the audience to follow the rhythm.


Performance of a Spanish song


Intern Catherine Keith played happy tunes on her guitar, David Fine brought a traditional Hebrew song and Solveig Beckel concluded the Festival of Cultures Programme with a graceful melody.


Solveig Beckel brings a Russian melody


Chi Keren, who studies Japanese culture, wore a Japanese kimono. “This is a great opportunity to show what we have learned and share this with others,” she said.

Mr Michael McIlvain, Lecturer at the International Journalism Programme, said it was not his first time to participate in the programme and that he enjoyed it very much.

Year Two student Conny Kang also had fun. “I enjoyed the performances. They are a form of cultural communication. I have learned something today. The food prepared was delicious.”


The audience enjoys the performances


Spanish Instructor Ms Betsabe Riera thinks it is good to hold the cultural festival every semester. “We are glad to introduce different cultures through many types of activities to our staff and students.”

The festival was held by the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Centre of Foreign Languages and Culture.

Reporter: Cai Yixuan Photographer: Du Shasha Editor: Deen He (from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)