“The audience’s eyes were captured by videos and pictures that vividly illustrated Korean culture, and the provided Korean cuisine and coffee were much admired and sought-after,” said Wang Yonglin, an organiser of the exhibition on Korean culture named “Korea on Air” at UIC from 18 to 20 November.

In addition to media, cuisine and coffee, visitors were shown traditional Korean building, and were allowed and encouraged to try on, and to be photographed wearing traditional Korean costumes.

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A tea meeting about UIC student travel in Korea became the highlight of the last day. “We invite students who had been travelling in Korea to share their stories,” added Wang.

“The sharing was fun and Korea sounded interesting. It makes me want to travel to Korea!” said Liu Hengyan, a student from the UIC Statistics Programme.

The exhibition amazed Dr Sunny Seon Phil Jeong, an Assistant Professor with the Computer Science and Technology Programme, who is from Korea. “I’m impressed and touched by the effort and organisation shown in this activity. The Korean decoration and coffee makes me feel at home.”



The exhibition was held by Wang Yonglin and other Year Four students from the Public Relations and Advertising Programme – they dubbed themselves Taebuck PR Group – and was supported by the Korea Tourism Organisation and the Centre for Foreign Languages and Culture of UIC.


Reporter: Liu Yiyu

Photographer: Du Shasha

Editor: Deen He

(from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)