Bai  Yu (2nd L), France's Consul General in Guangzhou Bertrand Furno (3rd L) and the other two awardees (Photo from the website of France's Consulate General in Guangzhou)

UIC’s Contemporary English Language and Literature Programme Year Three student Bai Yu finished second in the first French Translation Contest held in Guangzhou. The contest was organised by Alliances Françaises de Canton (French Alliances Canton), Campus France Canton and the Club France.

On 25 April, France's Consul General in Guangzhou Bertrand Furno conferred the official certificate to Bai Yu at the award presentation ceremony. Mr Bai came behind a French national of Chinese ancestry who's a professional translator. Third place went to a French major student from Jinan University.

Bai Yu took up French by himself in Year One and later enrolled on French elective courses. He has received two diplomas (DELF B2 and DALF C1) awarded by the French Ministry of National Education.

He thanked his French teachers from the Centre of Foreign Languages and Cultures for their guidance and help.

“They are kind, enthusiastic and patient. They devote themselves a lot to their teaching. The students who I know have attended their classes like them very much,” he added.

Editor: Deen He

 (from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)