The Contemporary English Language and Literature Programme


Con•tem•po•rar•y adj. (kənˈtempəˌrerē/)

  1. Belonging to or occurring in the present. e.g. "the tension and complexities of our contemporary society."
  2. Living or occurring at the same time. e.g. "the event was recorded by a contemporary historian"

The Here and Now.

The CELL programme began in the fall of 2011. It provides students with an opportunity to study the changing circumstances of English literature and language from diverse critical and theoretical perspectives. Drawing on a range of cultural texts and contemporary issues, students are encouraged to acquire language competency and critical thinking skills in broad and interdisciplinary terms. While this is not an applied English programme, the programme is responsive to the needs of non-native speakers. Students are expected to graduate with a high level of English proficiency and will be prepared for postgraduate studies and a wide range of career options.