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Dr. Hong QIAN

Ph.D. in the English Department at the University of Macau

Dr. Hong Qian is an alumna of Johns Hopkins University—Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies and a member of Federations of Translators and Interpreters of Macau. Her main research interests are Translation Studies, Media Translation, Discourse Analysis and Cross Cultural Studies. She is particularly interested in studying the attitudinal positioning of the translator via discourse analysis approach. In 2010, financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, she conducted her research on the multimodality of the translation of public notices in the University of Vienna for 9 months.   

Office: T2-501-R10    E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@naiqgnoh


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Dr. Ge SONG is an Assistant Professor in the Applied Translation Studies Programme. He obtained his PhD in translation from Lingnan University in Hong Kong, and Master’s degree in English Language and Literature at Shanghai International Studies University. He did research in Asia Research Institute at National University of Singapore from May to July in 2016. He has published research papers in journals such as Translation Quarterly and Translation Research and Teaching, book chapter in Redefining Translation and Interpretation in Cultural Evolution, and article in the Chinese newspaper titled Language Weekly. Also, he has translated several English academic papers into Chinese which appear in journals like Translation Horizon and Foreign Language and Literature, among others. Besides, he presented papers in many international conferences held in Hong Kong, Singapore, Ottawa, London and Washington. His research interests include translation theories, the translation of Chinese art, museum translation, Hong Kong studies, and Chinese overseas.   

Office: T2-401-R9    E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@gnoseg




Dr. Siu LAM

Dr. Lam is an experienced educator in linguistics and translation, academic writing, and TESL. He was the Vice-Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Linguists from 2006 to 2009. His Ph.D. was awarded by the University of East Anglia. Before joining UIC, he has worked for a number of major tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, including the City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests include pragmatics, discourse analysis, literary translation and translation theory.   

E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@maluis




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Dr. Mengying JIANG

Dr. Mengying Jiang has studied in China, Britain and New Zealand. She has published in The TranslatorTranslation QuarterlyForeign Languages in ChinaForeign Language EducationShandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal and Foreign Language and Literature Research. She also presented in international translation conferences held in Wellington, Ottawa and Brisbane. She has been a part-time translator for years and has translated four Chinese academic books into English. Her main research interests are gender and translation, translation and popular culture and translation of contemporary Chinese literature.

Office: T2-501-R9    E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@gnaijymyllom 





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Dr. Tenglong WAN

 Dr. Wan holds a PhD in Translation Studies (Leeds), an MA in Translation Studies (Macau) and a BA in English Language and Literature (Xiamen). He was awarded a certificate from the prestigious CETRA Research Summer School in Translation Studies, KU Leuven (Antwerp). An experienced translator and interpreter in the industry for over 13 years, he has been a language consultant, translator and proofreader for a number of international language service providers. He previously worked as an in-house Chinese-English translator and interpreter (Administrative Officer) at the Rector’s Office of the University of Macau for more than five years. He was also a module tutor at the University of Leeds, and a teaching assistant at the University of Macau. His research interests are in translation and interpreting theories and practice, including sociology of translation, translation and cultural identity, discourse-analytic and corpus-based approaches to translation, translator and interpreter training, as well as Macao studies.

Office: T2-502-R1  E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@nawgnolgnet




Mr. Jia Zhang is a lecturer in the Applied Translation Studies. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Translation and Master of Translation and Interpreting degree in International Conference Interpreting from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Before joining the United International College, he had been teaching in Sun Yat-sen University for six years. He is also a certified translator and interpreter, with more than 10-year experience in the industry. His research interests include applied translation, international conference interpreting, sight interpreting, and audiovisual translation.   

Office: T2-501-R7     E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@gnahzaij





Ms. Veronica TANG

Ms. Veronica Tang is an assistant instructor in the Applied Translation Studies Programme. She received her MA in Written Translation from Jinan University. Her translated text Chinese Minority in a Malay State: The Case of Terengganu in Malaysia was published on Chinese Overseas Review. Her research interests include applied translation, translation of research papers about Overseas Chinese and translation theory.  

Office: T2-602-R24     E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@gnattwacinorev


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Ms. Hilda HUANG

Ms. Hilda HUANG is an assistant intstructor in the Applied Translation Studies Programme. She received her BA in Applied Translation Studies from United International College (UIC) and her MA in Linguistics from University College London (UCL). Her research interests in linguistics focus on pragmatics and discourse analysis.   

Office: T2-602-R24     E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@gnauhgnoradlih


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Mr. Danny BU

Mr. Danny Bu is an assistant instructor in the Applied Translation Studies Programme. He received his BA in Applied Translation Studies from United International College (UIC) and his MA in Translation Studies from University College London (UCL). His research interests in translation include Computer-Assisted Translation, audio-visual translation, and translation theories.  

Office: T2-602-R24     E-mail: nc.ude.ciu@ubhjynnad