This is a full-time four-year programme leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Journalism. Students are required to complete 132 units within the curriculum structure as follows:

Curriculum StructureUnits
Major Required Courses 48
Major Elective Courses 12
General Education Core and Distribution Courses 44
Free Elective Courses 24
Whole Person Education Experiential Modules 4
Total 132

I. Major Required Courses [48 units]

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
JOUR2003 Broadcast Journalism I 新闻广播 I 3
JOUR2013 Reporting Laboratory I 报道实验室 I 1
JOUR2023 Introduction to Journalism 新闻学导论 3
JOUR2033 Photojournalism 新闻摄影 2
JOUR2053 Foundations of News and Feature Reporting I 新闻报道基础 I 3
JOUR2063 Foundations of News and Feature Reporting II 新闻报道基础 II 3
JOUR3013 Copyediting 编辑实务 3
JOUR3023 Media Law and Ethics 传媒法律与道德 3
JOUR3033 International News 国际新闻 3
JOUR3043 Advanced Reporting and Writing 高级新闻报道与写作 3
JOUR3053 Mass Media Research Methods 大众传媒研究方法 3
JOUR3103 Reporting Laboratory II 报道实验室 II 1
JOUR3113 Reporting Laboratory III 报道实验室 III 1
JOUR4003 Final Year Project (IJ) 毕业论文 4
JOUR4013 Communication Theory 传播学理论 3
JOUR4083 Convergent Journalism I 整合新闻 I 2
JOUR4093 Convergent Journalism II 整合新闻 II 2
JOUR4103 Editing Laboratory I 编辑实验室 I 2
JOUR4113 Editing Laboratory II 编辑实验室 II 2
JOUR4123 Reporting Laboratory IV 报道实验室 IV 1

II. Major Elective Courses [12 units]

Students are required to take 4 major elective courses from the listing below:

CodeCourseChinese TitleUnits
JOUR1003 History of Mass Communication 大众媒体演变史 3
JOUR2073 Popular Culture and Journalism 流行文化与新闻 3
JOUR2083 International Organizations Reporting 国际组织报道 3
JOUR3003 Internship (IJ) 媒体实习 3
JOUR3063 Advanced Photojournalism 高级新闻摄影 3
JOUR3073 Selected Topics in Journalism: Green Writing 新闻专业选题:环保报道 3
JOUR3083 News Translation 新闻翻译 3
JOUR3093 Selected Topics in Journalism: Radio Broadcasting 新闻专业选题:电台广播新闻 3
JOUR3123 Broadcast Journalism II 新闻广播 II 3
JOUR3133 Broadcast Journalism III 新闻广播 III 3
JOUR3143 Selected Topics in Journalism: Citizen Journalism 新闻专业选题:公民采访与报道 3
JOUR3153 Study on Intercultural Communication Issues 跨文化传播研究 3
JOUR3173 Gender, Identity and the Media 媒体与性别认同 3
JOUR3183 Persuasion in Media 媒体游说 3
JOUR3193 Stock Market Reporting 股票市场报道 3
JOUR3203 Journalism and Truth 新闻与事实 3
JOUR3213 New Media, Culture and Society 新媒体,文化与社会 3
JOUR3223 The Language of Journalism 新闻语言学 3
JOUR4023 Social Aspects of Media Technology 传媒技术与社会 3
JOUR4053 Business and Financial Reporting 财经新闻报道 3
JOUR4133 Analysis of Media Content and Media Frames 媒体内容与框架分析 3