TRA 4013 Professional Interpreting


This course is a continuation of Introductory Interpreting & II. Students will build on a theoretical and skills knowledge base in analysing problems and solutions in professional interpreting. Students will be trained with the appropriate skills-set to enhance their self-assessment capability and thereby, to improve their performances.  The course targets students interested in the profession of interpreting, and the training will be intensive and practical, allowing students hands-on experience in a professional setting. Special emphasis will be given to consecutive interpreting from English to Chinese and Chinese to English in dynamic fields such as news, tourism, and economy. The medium of instruction will be in English while teaching materials will both be in Putonghua/Chinese and English for C-E and E-C interpreting. 

Course Intended Learning outcomes (cilos) with matching to PILOs

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

Programme Title: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Applied Translation Studies
PILO Upon successful completion of the Programme, students should be able to:
PILO 1 Communicate and translate effectively as a bilingual and bicultural professional in Chinese and English and in written and verbal forms;
PILO 2 Compare and contrast differences in cultural contexts in order to build a strong sense of bicultural sensitivity;
PILO 3 Apply various theories and concepts to facilitate and to analyze the practices of translation and interpreting;
PILO 4 Develop the necessary interpersonal skills and professional ethics for a career in translation and/or interpreting as well as in language and communication fields;
PILO 5 Conductindependent basic research in translation studies.

CILOs-PILOs Mapping Matrix

Course Code & Title: TRA 4013 Professional Interpreting
CILO Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to: PILO(s) to be addressed
CILO 1 Perform effective and accurate interpreting consecutively on professional topics; PILOs 1, 3
CILO 2 Synthesise bilingual note-taking skills and short-term memory capacity for effective and accurate interpreting; PILOs 2, 3
CILO 3 Evaluate interpreting theories with practical and  professional interpreting. PILOs 2, 3