Center for Social Management Research and Services


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CSMRS is a research unit subordinated to the Humanities and Social Sciences Division (DHSS) of Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC). With the support of professional teaching staff from Social Work and Social Administration programme and their social work experience, the center launches various social services. It is also devoted to exploring Chinese social management theory and way of practice research, enriching, developing and improving Chinese native professional social work theory and practical knowledge system, and enhancing social work students’ abilities to solve social problems and participate in social development. Apart from these, the center expects to cultivate native social work talents with both political integrity and professional competence as well through academic studies and special projects.                    

At present, the center for Social Management Research and Services based on learning from the experience of social management work in China and foreign countries, to adopt vigorous measures to construct an innovative model of social governance which is suitable for the development of ZhuHai. Besides, it has taken an active measure in cooperative projects concerning other relative social institution to promote the development of localization, professionalization and standardization in ZhuHai.

Since this center was established at September 2012, we have undertaken more than 40 projects, including service projects (special education for orphaned and disabled preschoolers of ZhuHai orphanage, Social Work and Simulated Family Service Project, Out-reach Social Work Service for Older People in Residential Care Institutions in ZhuHai City...), research projects (Research Project on Social Service Delivery Model for Older People of ZhuHai City... ), and training projects (In-service Training Program on Social Work Supervision and NGO Operation/Management in ZhuHai City, In-service Training Program for Managerial Staff of Elderly Service Agencies 2013-2016...).


Center for Social Management Research and Services

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